HYP4ACS Committee Members

Houston Young Professionals for the American Cancer Society (HYP4ACS) is a community-based volunteer organization made up of young adults dedicated to assisting the American Cancer Society through fun events and networking.

Save Lives Shuck Cancer!

  • November 2, 2023
  • }7:00 -10:00 PM
  • Silver Street Studios at Sawyer Yards

2023 Co-Chairs

Nora and Brian Jarrard

Katie and Seth Tsuru

2023 Committee Members

Martina Albino
Daniel Almanza
David Andrus
Jenn Bianco
Lindsey Bowman
Amanda Cotler
Jordan Daly
Elizabeth Dansby
Sydney Dornak
Kristi English
Will English
Ashley Gentry
Elizabeth Gonzales
Mari Gray
Valerie Hoover
Ryan Hughes
Nora Jarrard
Sara Khalifa
Soha Nassef
Alex Orlean
Clara Orlean
Trent Pauls
Abby Pfister
Alexis Roberts
Bailey Saha
Gaurav Sahni
Ben Siaw
Kylee Siaw
Shannon Steele
Allie Thiboadeaux
Tori Tolbert
Katie Tsuru
Bella Villarreal
Josh Wenzel
Lindsey Wenzel
Brittany Williams
Kate Williams
Shane Williams
Adam Yust
Chelsea Yust

Houston Board Members

Leisa Holland-Nelson Bowman – Chair

Jacquie Baly

Jeanna Bamburg

Marilu Garza

Amerino Gatti

Winell Heron

Alicia Jansen

Dr. Sippi Khurana

Heather Linton

Teresa McClendon-Thomas

Kyle McCully

Dr. Anish Meerasahib

Justo Mendez

Dr. Rick Ngo

Leila Perrin

Stephen Preng

Stephanie von Stein Schusterman

Committee Responsibilities

  • RRaise/donate minimum of $2,500 for Shuck Cancer
  • RPurchase minimum of 2 tickets to Shuck Cancer
  • RSecure 2 auction items valued at minimum $50+ each
  • RProvide minimum of 5 personal contacts for target sponsorships
  • RAttend minimum of 2 committee meetings (~2 hours)
  • RAttend Shuck Cancer event (~4 hours)
  • RPromote Shuck Cancer on social media pages
  • RHelp nominate future committee members
  • RTime Commitment: ~20 hours/year

For more information

Please contact Bailee Oldham at bailee.oldham@cancer.org or 281.803.8732

HYP4ACS Committee Form